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Domestic Abuse
& 1:1 Support Service

What we can offer to the LGBT+ community 

From October 2022 The Centre is offering the following services funded by Leicestershire County Council

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Domestic Abuse Counselling

Access to expert domestic abuse counselling with awareness of LGBT+ is available free of charge to both those who have experienced domestic abuse, and also close allies, 16 years and above

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1:1 Support service

Brief supportive 1:1 sessions to assist individuals in accessing the most appropriate services, related to domestic abuse experiences. 

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Domestic Abuse information and expertise

Drop in sessions with the support worker and counsellor, wellbeing sessions and expert information, as well as educational content for the community and professionals.

A new service available to LGBT+ people and their significant allies.

We are offering single 1:1 support sessions to assist individuals in finding the right service or path for them, and fully funded LGBT+ and domestic abuse specialist counselling .

What is Domestic Abuse and how does it relate to my life?  

Many people don’t realise that what they’re seeing could be abusive behaviour. It used to be that people only recognised physical violence, but now the law recognises so much more.  

This includes sexual or intimate partner abuse, financial control, manipulation and coercion, and can come from a partner, family member or other significant person in your life.  

At least 1 in 10 members of the LGBT+ community will experience domestic abuse. 

For either service, self-referrals are welcome, as are referrals from professionals supporting LGBT+ people.

This can be arranged by contacting The Centre. 

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