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Education & Support Packages

Promoting diversity & inclusion

Alongside the Rainbow Flag Award, we offer a range of consultancy services providing specialist advice in a range of areas including policy and strategy development and in providing advice for you to support your customers, learners, employees and colleagues.

Leicester LGBT Centre offers a wide range of education and support packages for schools, colleges and other organisations for their students and service users. The Centre specialises in providing packages to raise awareness of LGBT+ identities; combat social isolation, exclusion and discrimination; promote diversity & inclusion; empower those who are LGBT+ and educate those who are not. We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of wraparound education and support packages that are responsive to the needs of students and service users. These are delivered by our highly skilled LGBT+ Education & Support Service Practitioners and offered at market prices.

LGBT+ Education Packages

Our education packages are an excellent tool to help raise awareness of LGBT+ identities, support the LGBT+ communities and promote diversity and inclusion in your organisation. Packages can be offered as single workshops or courses depending on the requirements of an organisation or the needs of a group and can be delivered to small or large cohorts. Workshops can focus on a range of areas including:

  • LGBT+ Awareness

  • Transgender Awareness

  • LGBT+ Inclusive Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE)

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Peer Pressure & Bullying

Workshops will give participants the opportunity to explore gender and sexuality, understand myths, use of language and appropriate behavior; all contributing to students’ and service users’ understanding and acceptance of the LGBT+ community. Workshops are bespoke and developed according to an organisation or group’s needs and can be delivered using a variety of methods and techniques including presentations, quizzes, storytelling, discussion, film and group tasks.


LGBT+ Support Packages

Our 1-1 focused support is tailored to meet individual needs and can be booked as single sessions or block booked. This person-centered support offers students and service users a safe and supportive space to talk about and explore their identity and feelings in relation to gender and sexuality. Practitioners can offer information and guidance to enable people to manage during the stages of coming out and the process of ‘realisation, transition, acceptance and integration.’

Our LGBT+ Education & Support Service Practitioners are highly skilled in helping LGBT+ people to overcome the challenges and social isolation they may face, supporting them to manage their feelings and improving confidence and self-esteem.

All our packages are offered at market prices. For further information and a full proposal contact us through the email address or call 0116 254 7412

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